I am interested in the big questions of life – the meaning of life, the search for truth. As such, I like to use these topics in my blog. I try to address these topics because it still remains in the nature of every man question these things. Artists often want to provoke their audience with new questions or new ideas. I like to challenge my audience anew with old questions, the most timeless questions: Why are we here? Where are our lives going? I want my audience to rethink their lives in the light of my art and my blog articles and their message. My artwork and blogging is influenced by poets, musicians and others whose lives have changed the way people think. The life of Jesus and his sayings have made, and continue to make, an especially big impact on my work. At the same time my blog is a reflection of my own experiences. Therefore, where my work is influenced by the words of other people, it is always something I have found to be true in my own life. My blog posts are not intended to be comprehensive articles about certain topics but rather the attempt to rethink a theme through a specific line of reasoning.