Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture is all about being offended. People don’t have to be offended – they choose to be offended by what other people say or do. That’s what cancel culture is teaching: Take anything people say that does not match your own agenda as a reason to unfriend them, distance yourself from them, alienate them, fire them, etc. It does not matter if they really meant the things the way you see it. It only matters how you perceive it. That alone is reason enough for burning bridges. Grace slowly disappears out of a society where cancel culture is fostered this way.

There is an interesting example in history where a man acted quite differently: When the first Christian martyr Stephen was stoned, he called out: “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Stephen had all the right to feel offended when he was killed for nothing deserving death. Yet he chose not to be offended but to forgive. That is the spirit of grace and forgiveness. Cancel culture, obviously, knows nothing of the sort.