The colosseum in Rome symbolizes the persecution of Christians 2000 years ago when believers were martyred for their faith in public arenas. This martyrdom of early believers somehow marks a starting point of Christianity which could not be stopped through persecution but instead spread out over the whole world. It seems that now we are having a flashback moment in history: modern day Christians are facing persecution in a public eye again. The verdict is not necessarily the death penalty, and the punishment is not happening in a constructed arena. Instead, the arena now is the internet's social media. People who are standing up for Christian values are blamed for conducting hate speech and might face all kinds of censorship and cancel culture. They might not yet lose their lives but may indeed lose their jobs and livelihood. The tool conducting hatred against Christians is the LGBTQ agenda. It matches the words of Jesus who told his followers that they will be hated by everybody because of his name, "but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved."