Educated Guess

The definition of science is (according to the Britannica Dictionary): "Knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation." When it comes to the question of how this world came into existence, neither evolution theory nor creation theory match the standards set for science. That's because, obviously, no human being was able to observe the process of evolution or creation, and no one can repeat it by an experiment in a lab. Nevertheless, at western universities and schools evolution theory is taught these days as if it were proven science, and people who still believe God created the world are looked down at. The discussion has to move away from a level of claiming scientistic proof to a level that experts would call an educated guess. On this level creation theory offers solutions to problems like "why do fossils exist?", "why do fossil fuels exist?", "missing links", etc. that in the end make way more sense than any explanation of evolution theory. The problem is that one cannot follow the creation theory without believing in God. So, in the end, the existence of evolution theory is not due to increased scientific knowledge but due to increased disbelief in God and the consequent necessity of an alternative in the letter case.