The Stone Brewing Company uses a gargoyle as an emblem on their products. On their website they explain what gargoyles are: “For centuries gargoyles are known to ward off evil spirits.” In addition to this spiritual purpose, these grotesque carved figures have a practical function: they are often waterspouts that divert rainwater away from a building. They can be found on medieval churches like Notre Dame or on the ancient temple of Zeus. Modern alternatives also exist. For example, on the Arabian Peninsula rooms in houses are often equipped with an additional colored lightbulb that serves the same spiritual purpose – protection from evil spirits.

Nowadays western societies don’t believe in evil spirits and demons – scientific reasoning replaced the belief in their existence. If at all demons are used as a figure of speech for certain issues people are fighting. Along these lines, the previously mentioned Stone Brewing Company states that their gargoyle is warding off “cheap ingredients, pasteurization and chemical additives … the modern day evil spirits of beer!”

The worldview in modern western societies that denies the existence of evil spirits is in stark contrast to the awareness of them in different cultures and religions throughout human history. Could it be that the approach to explain everything by a scientific view is just one side of the story and reveals a complete lack of understanding for the spiritual realm? I don’t think that gargoyles or colored lightbulbs will help against evil spirits. Nevertheless, evil spirits and demons are a reality which can be overcome in the power and by the name of the one who defeated all evil powers, and even death, on the cross.