Hope II

Years ago I was starting a conversation about hope with two guys drinking beer on a bench at a bus stop. The first guy answered frankly: "Why do you think we are drinking beer? Because we have no hope!" The second guy broke out in tears citing his confirmation verse from Psalm 23. This incident illustrates two points: First, that many things in life are only a cover up for the fact that one has lost hope. In this example it's drinking beer; cynicism - as mentioned in my last post - is another one. Even something that one considers good in itself, like pursuing a career or raising a family, can keep you busy for a while and, therefore, cover the fact that one has lost hope. Secondly, you can't really talk about hope without talking about meaning in life and thus about your relationship with the One who created life. God, who created life, is the ultimate source for meaning and for hope in life. If you want to regain hope in life, you need to restore your relationship with God, the Father!