"What is truth?"

This is a quote from Pilate by which he was questioning if there is really something like truth. Nowadays it seems to be popular again to question the concept of truth. In a pluralistic society where everybody is right, truth is only a subjective perception, a construction. But to everyone who is echoing Pilate's question today I want to answer that there's no justice without truth. Without justice arbitrariness rules, oppression instead freedom.

Sure, there are always areas in our lives where we believe a lie instead of the truth. No one can claim to have the complete truth. But that reflects only the human imperfection. All human authorities, who are trying to define truth, are manmade and therefore prone to error. That's why it is necessary to tolerate different opinions, to have freedom of speech. But in the same way it is necessary to allow the "fight" for truth, carried out by arguments and the logic of reason. Sacrificing this struggle for truth for the well-being of people, for not hurting people's feelings, is sacrificing not only truth itself but also justice and thus a meaningful life.