Adam and Eve

Since the fall of man in the garden of Eden mankind is circling around the question of personal responsibility: When God questioned Adam and Eve why they ate from the forbidden tree Adam denied his responsibility and pointed to Eve who had given him from the fruit of the tree. In the same way, Eve denied her responsibility and pointed to the serpent that had deceived her.

The same attitude continued throughout the history of man as a red line in the character of human beings: No one likes to take ownership for the faults, mistakes, wrongdoings, sins or crimes one commits in life. It is always the other who is responsible, never oneself. It starts with little children who blame their siblings when things go wrong. For bad grades in school students complain to their teachers. For accidents, bad work, or any kind of calamity people always find somebody else who is responsible. Even in prison when you talk with inmates they are convinced of their innocence.

Modern days philosophies support this thinking by creating a welfare attitude that robs away any pioneer spirit from its people and by blaming the society for the crimes of its individuals. The parents, the environment, crimes against ancestors – the list of people is long who are held responsible for one’s current unfortunate situation. But in the end, is this the remedy – blaming others? Surely not. Taking ownership of one’s own problems and mistakes, repenting for one’s own sins is the only way things will change in the long run because the only person who can change you is you.