Legalize Drugs?

Why are people taking mind-altering drugs? There are usually two reasons why people take drugs: either as an attempt to bring more excitement into their lives or to numb the physical or emotional pain that has come along with certain circumstances of life.

To some degree there is a certain understanding that people who suffer from strokes of fate want to escape the thoughts about their desperate situation and numb their emotional pain with drugs. But in the end it’s no way to improve a desperate situation nor to cope with life’s problems with dignity.

Whether one takes drugs to turn his life into a state of ecstasy or to numb life’s pain – in both cases it reveals a life denying attitude: It says basically that life itself without drugs is not worth living anymore. It is a negative attitude towards life that rejects the idea that life itself is meant to be a gift to enjoy, and it gives up hope in situations where one has to deal with difficulties in life.

In general both groups of drug users are not open to such arguments. Those who take drugs for excitement don’t want to be preached at and those who take drugs to numb (emotional) pain just care about the fact that the pain is gone. But those who are considering the legalization of mind-altering drugs must consider that they are giving in to a worldview that is negative toward life itself: that is life-denying. And any law that is passed to legalize these kinds of drugs is promoting such a worldview of negativity.