My last blog post about inflation lead me inevitably to write something about capitalism as well. Capitalism has become a demonized word that some people connect by default with exploitation. They, therefore, want to see capitalism abandoned, and sooner rather than later. Without question there has been exploitation – especially in the early days of industrialization – in the name of capitalism. But since no human system will be perfect, the question is if it’s not sufficient to set certain boundaries within the capitalistic system against exploitation or if this system is so bad that it indeed needs to be abandoned?

Capitalism represents better than any other system or ideology the principle of sowing and reaping. In fact, this principle is woven into the DNA of this earth by its creator: When a farmer sows little, his harvest will be small. When a farmer sows a lot, he can have a rich harvest. In the same way that this principle works in nature, it works in interpersonal relationships between men. One who spreads lies will earn mistrust. One who studies hard can get a better job. And so on. There is a cause and effect to what we do. Mankind will reap what he sows whether this is in the natural realm or in his dealings with other people.

The ideologies that want to replace capitalism are in denial of the principle of sowing and reaping, of cause and effect in human actions. While there might be well-reasoned exemptions where this principle should not be enforced, it cannot be neglected totally. What’s more: A worldview that is in denial of sowing and reaping is a worldview in denial of truth and justice. You cannot uphold truth and justice in the long term when you don’t hold mankind responsible for his actions. Capitalism understands this best.