Currently I'm living in a country where the national currency lost more than half of its value in relation to the US-Dollar within the last year. Unfortunately, inflation has become a topic not only here, but in other countries as well: Germany had an inflation rate of 5% as of November 2021. Newspaper headlines are already talking about a kind of expropriation. In the US, the president released millions of barrels of the national oil reserve with the single purpose of fighting growing inflation at the gas stations. The national oil reserve was not designed for dealing with these kinds of financial problems. Instead of fighting inflation with such an unusual measurement, the president of the US might have better stopped his trillion-dollar spending spree in 2021. It doesn’t take a financial expert to predict that governmental subsidies of such a dimension will cause inflation. Seeing – both in the US and elsewhere - tremendous debt being added to already existing enormous government debt, one wonders if some politicians don’t work intentionally towards inflation in order to bring the capitalistic system to an end. Something like what movements such as BLM and Fridays for Future are openly demanding. Many politicians may not say this publicly, but their behavior reveals basically the same intention. Once inflation speeds up enough, they will have a reason to intervene and abandon the current monetary system and, along with it, capitalism. A scenario where freedom has no room anymore.