Celebration of Death

Nowadays one sees the emblem of a skull everywhere: From as a tattoo, to over heavy metal merchandise, to the pirate flag – it’s present everywhere. What does it stand for? Some people might think they are perpetuating a rebel image by using it, but in the end, you can’t get around the fact that a skull stands for death. One might say that death is a reality and needs to be dealt with instead of denying it. This is true, how it is dealt with is important. It makes a difference if you see death as part of the human existence and, therefore, prepare yourself to one day meet your Creator or if you elevate death to a level that it does not deserve – that is when you are celebrating death! The Creator never intended death when he created the world and human beings. Death came into existence through the Creator’s counterpart, the devil, and the rebellion of mankind. Using the skull emblem and other derivatives, thus, gives honor to the devil and his reign – it is not honoring God, who is the source of life. He wants us to honor Him by celebrating life, not death. He has even overcome death by the resurrection of His son so that death doesn’t have the final say anymore.