I saw a photo posted on Instagram in which a demonstrator held up a sign that was addressing a certain political party with something like “No hate speech” as well as “F*** you.” Contemplating this I found there is no better example for the attitude that many people show in the current political arena. The obvious contradiction – that is, requesting from the political opponent “No hate speech” while employing it oneself – did not seem to bother this demonstrator. An objective observer would require from everybody – regardless of the political background – not to perform hate speech. But nowadays many people, including the demonstrator in this case, think that because they are fighting for a good cause they can do so by any means. There is no golden rule anymore. Just positioning themselves in the category “right” and the opponent in the category “wrong” allows them to fly above the law. These kinds of people quickly reveal their totalitarian approach of how to handle things. According to Wikipedia, totalitarianism is a political system which prohibits all opposition parties, outlawing both individual and group opposition. Along the same lines these activists – whether they are fighting for climate, abortion, genderism, etc. – don’t allow any opposing opinion to their own viewpoint while granting themselves the right to break all kinds of laws simply because they think they are fighting for the good. Although many of them might fight their case in the name of democracy their fight has become one for totalitarianism while democracy silently dies.