Name abbreviations like JFK and MLK are very familiar. That DSK stands for Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not so commonly known. But at the height of his career as director of the International Monetary Fund with ambitions to run for president in France, his initials were quite popular as well - at least in France. DSK's career ended abruptly when he was arrested in 2011 with charges of sexual assault against him. Eventually the charges were dismissed. But his behavior as a married man - having sex with a room service woman while staying in a New York hotel - cost him his job and his hopes of becoming president of France. Whether or not his behavior qualified as sexual assault is not the question here. Just the fact that he entered into an "inappropriate relationship" (as DSK framed it himself) with an unknown woman as soon as he opened his hotel room door shows very compulsive behavior - like one who cannot control his desires anymore. Why was he so driven by lust at an age when other people are more likely to play Legos with their grandchildren? Why do some people develop such a compulsive sexual behavior while others do not?

When this scandal became public, other previous extra-marital affairs and scandals of DSK surfaced. Obviously, the destructive forces that he'd let into his life began to reign over him, so that he was in bondage to his desires. This brings us to the punchline I want to make here, that sex within marriage leads to freedom, but sex outside marriage leads to bondage. Some people think the opposite would be the case: When they do what they want they are free. But this is not true. When we are violating the marital covenant the Creator Himself has designed, the spiritual forces we let into our lives will reign over us, and we won't live in freedom but bondage. Modern men don't think about marriage as being put in place by God. But then being enslaved to one's desires seems to be the default, the norm, for modern people. This is truly not what the Creator had in mind: He wants us to enjoy the gift of sex in a state of freedom not bondage. This is only possible when we follow His plans for marriage.