Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah is the place where God tested Abraham's obedience. I still remember a sermon from many years ago in which the preacher pointed out that Abraham was a wise man for leaving his servants behind on the way to the top of the mountain with his son. The application for us today is that when God requests something from us - that will cost us a lot - it is not helpful to discuss it with people who will most likely try to talk us out of it.

Maybe God wants you to give up a promising career, a treasured relationship, a certain possession, etc. When we are then running to well-meaning friends who assure us that it's not God who is asking this, the confusion will only increase, and in the end, we miss out on a lot when we turn God's testing down. We can't expect others to decide the big points in our lives. These are the times when we need to wrestle with God alone, discern His voice and submit to Him.

But like in the story of Abraham, the reward and fulfillment for our lives is immeasurable when we submit to God's voice. I think that one way or the other, there comes the time in each believer's life where his priorities in life will be tested. God wants to be your No. 1. Anything else questions Him being God. What is your Mount Moriah?