Faith versus Religion

The dictionary lists these two words as synonyms. How can they be in opposition to another? Let’s look at a definition of religion that you probably won’t find in the dictionary: Religion is when someone says a prayer, lights a candle or burns incense in a building dedicated for worship several times a day / week / month or year. It’s all about following customs and traditions. Depending on where someone grew up these are a little bit different. Many people like to follow such kind of customs and traditions because after fulfilling certain obligations they still can live a life under their own control as they like.

Faith in contrast is the result of a vivid relationship. The dictionary describes faith as complete trust in someone. So faith can be illustrated by the following picture: One signs a contract with his creator where the contract paper is totally empty – giving Him the right to fill one’s life as He pleases to. It is a sign of acknowledging that His will is the best for my life. Unfortunately most people don’t realize this until they’ve totally messed up their lives on their own. But no matter which way one comes to trust God, it is the only way for true fulfillment.