Love of God & Wrath of God

Have you ever seen lightning and a rainbow at the very same time? Doesn't the rainbow come after the thunder and lightning? Years ago - being on the road with this painting (and others) to an exhibition - I saw in the very far distance on the left lightning during an ongoing thunderstorm while to the right the thunderstorm had already vanished, and a rainbow was shining. Seeing lightning at the very same time as a rainbow was a wonderful confirmation of God for this painting and it's message:

The rainbow symbolizes the love of God, whereas lightning represents the wrath of God. People tend to attribute only one of these two characteristics to God: In the Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages, people were more afraid of the wrath of God, and artwork form this time demonstrates it. In modern times the Christian faith is heavily influenced by humanistic thinking, and, therefore, topics like the sin of mankind and God's wrath towards it have little room. Instead, people are jumping directly to the love of God and the sacrifice He has provided through Jesus. But forgiveness for all humanity without repentance of sins is like a sweet, sticky sauce that is poured out over everybody no matter whether they asked for it or not. 

The right view is that both, the love of God and the wrath of God, are characteristics that He indeed carries at the very same time: Out of His holiness and justice He cannot accept sin from mankind in His presence, and so His wrath goes towards our sins. But at the same time His love and forgiveness for us is always there. It's on us to turn from our evil ways in order to choose and accept the forgiveness He has offered us.