No Neutral Ground

Louisiana passed a law that requires putting the Ten Commandments on display in school rooms - a tradition that was practiced nationwide until 1980 when the Supreme Court stopped it. The more than four decades since the Supreme Court's decision have seen an unparalleled increase in lawlessness, crime, mass shootings, drug abuse, etc. It is simply the consequence when you turn away from God's law: There is no neutral ground; you can't have peace and prosperity when you turn your back on God's plan for how people are to live with one another. To put it in the words of Bob Dylan: "You're gonna have to serve somebody" - either the devil or the Lord, there is no third option.

The Governor of Louisiana recognized this development and took a step to reestablish the very foundation that brought wellbeing to his country in first place. Opponents already declared that they would go to court against this new law to ensure religious neutrality of the state. But what has come to replace God's law in the past 40-plus years? There wasn't an empty, non-religious, neutral void. Instead of God's law, human rules were taught at schools, universities and colleges. This new religion, called humanism, has turned western societies into communities of victims. Everyone seeks to be a victim of some sorts. Victim of life circumstances, victim of society - people don't want to take responsibility for their own lives anymore. This is in stark contrast to the principles the Bible teaches. Like a common thread, one can discover that the Bible teaches taking responsibility for your own life from its beginning to its end: The call for repentance, for turning back to God, is a call to acknowledge one's own mistakes and sins and ask God for forgiveness. Human nature is to blame others for the mistakes we make. But when we confess our wrongdoings, God will not only forgive us, but it also teaches us a lifestyle of taking responsibility for ourselves and others.

The good thing is that it is never too late to turn back to God and His plans for life. It looks like Louisiana has understood this.